A small (not too serious) Tampere guide. A few habits


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If you are coming to Finland, it´s nice to see our capital Helsinki. It is a beautiful place. But it´s also so last season to stay there, why not come to Tampere? Take a train or rent a car, it doesn´t matter how. Tampere is located about 180km to north from Helsinki. It takes about 1,5 hours (or less or more, it depends..) by  train or about 2 hour by car to get here.

Coming to Finland tells about your good sense of humor. On summer time it migh20160616_130912.jpgt be a heavy rain, a small rain, an almost rain, a cloudy day, a cold day, a nice day, a warm day, a hot day. Get it? Even we can´t tell you what it would be. Anyway, rain is romantic isn´t it?

Okay. Let´s think that you are coming to Tampere. This place is small or big, it depends what to compare with. It´s not so important, so let me to tell you what to do in Tampere.

I’ll skip the museum and stuff you can find in guide. I will tell you something else.

First. Buy a bus ticket a day (or more) and take it like an adventure. Where ever you go with that ticket you will find back to central square (Keskustori). More information  http://joukkoliikenne.tampere.fi/en/tickets-fares/day-ticket.html

You need to swing your hand to stop the bus. In the winter time remember to use reflector or your mobile phone, it is really dark in that season.

We are famous of waiting the bus. We don´t stand too close to each other. It is not nice. We appreciate others and our own personal space. If it´s raining you might see how we squeeze under the shelter without speaking. Sometimes we break that silence but there must be a really good reason for that.

Okay, you get in to the bus. Now notice about queuing. It´s not nice if you try to go first. There is an unscripted rule. If you came first on bus stop and you are standing near the place where bus will stop, you go first and so on. BUT! If you see older people or small kids you let them go first. If you are male and you want to give a good impression you let woman go first. That is the same as anywhere else in the world.

Second. Go to elevator. Yes, elevator. If you choose Torni hotel (https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/tampere/solo-sokos-hotel-torni-tampere)  you will get good views but not good experience of Finnish elevator culture. Finns might speak in Torni hotels elevator because there is a great view all the way up. To get that true feeling choose elevator without a window. Go in the elevator and don´t speak with your friend. In other case you will not hear the silence. To being in elevator is quite tough for me and I´m Finnish. I have difficulties to keep my face on basic because I almost every time about to smile and laugh.
Did you know that KONE elevators are Finnish? In English that (kone) means ”machine”.

Third. Now you have been seeing some Tampere so it´s time to get some peacefullness and silence. One option is take bus number 2 and go to Rauhaniemi. There is a public sauna and a beach. The website is only in finnish but you´ll learn it, wouldn´t you? http://www.rauhaniemi.net/

Near of Rauhaniemi you can also find forest trails for jogging.20170511_092101.jpg 20161005_092417There is also possibility to sup in summer time http://lentavamatto.fi/sup/

Next post I will tell you about eating and drinking! I eat gluten free food, so I will tell you some tips of where to find gluten free food in Tampere.

More information about Tampere on https://visittampere.fi/frontpage

Did you know that you can also fly to Tampere? https://www.finavia.fi/en/flightconnections/